"You'll need to develop your own personality and be prepared to work as hard as you do during training sessions to succeed in We Are Football." They went on to say that their game is free to download and features a high quality soundtrack.


A New Twist on the Football Simulation Genre

We Are Football promises a new twist on the football simulation genre. Each season offers two players as a starting player and every match can be played with up to four players. Players earn points based on their performance during each game and depending on their performance the team earns points as well. The two players on each team take turns being the captain and goalkeeper. In previous versions, the two players on each team controlled the same team and had no autonomy during any given match.

Throughout the game, players get the opportunity to participate in exciting new modes such as the Franchise mode and the Online Multiplayer mode, which allows two players to join forces and play the game against each other from anywhere in the world. Other modes allow players to build their own professional soccer team with several different attributes for each player. Players can choose a specific role such as a forward or a midfielder and use a wide variety of transfer tools and tactics to create their ideal team. During the actual game, players make use of a detailed player model with a natural athletic appearance. All aspects of the game are rendered with precision and the beautiful 3D matches are enhanced with realistic goals and action scenes.


Managing Financial Budbet

The game has several distinct characteristic that sets it apart from other soccer management games. For instance, the game gives players the ability to manage a professional football team as well as to manage their financial budget. A new feature in the game lets players create their own club with their own budget and also give them the chance to purchase or sell players during the off season. The game's match engine is fully customizable with a great number of customizable options such as the date and time of each season as well as the name of the international tournament, the team is entering. There is also a season calendar that shows the entire schedule for the upcoming season.

We Are Football gives you a complete online experience with virtually unlimited interactivity between players and the game itself. This game features real time football management tasks including growing your own club and marketing your team. You can also participate in the online rankings, track your individual performance, evaluate your performances, make transfers, and read news about your team members. Each game is created with a unique scoring system, and you are able to share your own score with friends and colleagues.

As you grow your club and earn success, the game becomes more challenging and you are allowed to become a team manager for your own league. As one of the manager in the league you are allowed to design your own practice game and even your own practice team. The game offers a virtual practice session that is accessible to any participant even if they are not on your league's official practice teams. In addition to this, the game gives you a spectacular half-time speeches, announcing the start of the league season, as well as announcing the end of the half-time.


What to Do As A Manager

As a manager in the game, you are able to earn points and buy tickets for your club. If your team wins against another team, you will receive points and be able to buy tickets for your club. Likewise, if your team loses by a certain margin, you lose points and the player who scored the winning goal is punished. There are real management tasks, team activities and challenges that are available when you play the game including growing your football players, playing tournaments and earning awards. Moreover, you can also manage your business, build your bank account, raise investment funds and create a new team if you become the coach of the team.

In the game you play as the head coach or manager, you can appoint or remove players from your team, manage your club's budget, purchase tickets for the games, earn awards, promote your club to another level and manage your business. You can perform the same tasks as the actual manager but with added responsibilities. You are allowed to appoint one football star to your team and he can be your general manager. You can also buy shirts for your players from the shop and promote your team. Finally, as a manager you can give real-time instructions to your team members including winning the game and earning the most points. This game is the ultimate in real time management games and gives you a spectacular experience that will not let you down.