With strong storms occurring more frequently, such as in Edmonton, Canada, parts of the country have been threatened with flooding, tornadoes, and damaging winds. With severe thunderstorms likely to hit the United States throughout the week, here is a look at what you need to know about this weather event.


The Canadian Issue

A severe thunderstorm watch is being issued in Canada due to the threat of severe thunderstorms to areas of the country throughout the week. Parts of the United States are also being threatened with severe thunderstorms this week including parts of Texas. Heavy rains and severe thunderstorms are being expected in many parts of the United States throughout the middle of the week. Areas that are already vulnerable to flooding could see flooding over much of the weekend as the effects of the severe thunderstorm move east.

If you live in or around Edmonton, Canada, you could experience life-changing effects from this severe thunderstorm. With rapid showers expected in the area, it is wise to stay indoors with the AC turned off. Stay away from any open roads or sidewalks until the threat of rain ends.


The Precautions

Do not go out without an adult if you plan to be out during the worst part of the storm. Your children may be able to make it home safely if you let them use your car but remember to keep them away from any large windows. If you do have to get out, be aware that the wind will pick up the debris that was hanging in the air. Take essential precautions to protect your health. Wear gloves and a protective mask if possible to avoid having your eyes damaged by the debris flying through the air.

Many areas in the United States have issued severe thunderstorm watches for a period of time. If you live in or near Toronto, Canada, you can expect a severe thunderstorm watch for a period of two to four hours. The severe thunderstorm watch is being issued by the Canadian weather service. Toronto is expected to have some severe thunderstorms throughout the weekend.


In the United States

Parts of the United States have issued severe thunderstorm watches for a period of time as well. For the areas of the country that are covered by this severe weather alert, a tornado warning will be issued by the National Weather Service. The tornado watch is normally for ten to fifteen minutes. For those that are located in Chicago, IL, the severe thunderstorm watch is for ten to fifteen minutes as well. Those that are located in Indianapolis, IN will also receive a severe tornado warning that can last for thirty minutes.

If you are in an area that does not currently have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect, you may expect to see one during the period of time that it is in effect. If you live in or around Toronto, Canada, the severe thunderstorm watch will go into effect at approximately 2 PM. People in southern Canada can expect to receive severe thunderstorm warnings for periods of time as well.

Severe thunderstorm watches are issued by the National Weather Service for a period of time. When the warning is released, it does not mean that there is actually a severe thunderstorm on the horizon. You should make sure to listen to the storm reports on local media before issuing a severe thunderstorm watch. Be sure to be safe and listen to the local weather reports and warnings before venturing outside.