Here are some of the top new game features from this recent release:

Dungeon Finder: One of the most beloved features of the original game is the dungeons. This new version keeps that tradition alive, and allows you to venture deeper into the Warcraft universe than ever before. The dungeons now feature several tiers and even a few instances that are designed to be the ultimate challenge. The addition of the wings to the dungeons makes them even more of a challenge to defeat, and the overhauled maps give players a whole new look at the game.


Leveling System

Leveling System: With the advent of the age of computers and technology, there's no longer a need to grind levels. In World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade, leveling has been completely revamped. No more having to grind endlessly through boring dungeons to reach the top level. Your progress is now determined by your overall skill level, which is easier to monitor and increase with each new level achieved.

Auction House: The Auction House is back and better than ever. You can now buy and sell items instantly without waiting for them to appear on the AH. Plus, you can get fantastic deals on both large and small items that you can use in your questing and raiding sessions. And, since this is now part of the game's database, you can look for the best deals from anywhere in the game.


World PvP

World PvP: When it was first released, the only possible world PvP was to take down other players using "player versus player" combat. While this was an effective solution, it often required coordination and a great deal of waiting. Today, the World PvP experience has been completely overhauled for a more dynamic experience where players can engage in epic player vs player combat from the comfort of their seats. There are new objectives to conquer, new rewards to collect, and the ability to swap out players mid-battle. This makes the WOW: Burning Crusade classic experience all the more enjoyable.

Account Transfer Feature: If you've been playing WOW games for any length of time, you've probably had to deal with countless amounts of transfer requests from one character to another. Today, you can finally transfer your characters between accounts just by clicking on the "manage" icon right next to the account in question. No longer do you have to wait around long periods of time to get your changes merged in. You can now do it in a flash by simply accessing the transfer interface, selecting your new character, and then making your change. There are even times when you can transfer multiple characters together!


Game Plus

Game Plus: Another feature that was implemented with the WOW: Burning Crusade is the Game Plus feature. World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic brings the exciting part of the game into the modern age with the Game Plus feature. Using your accumulated points, you can now take on other players and see who the best World of Warcraft player is! With a maximum level cap of 85, this is one of the most exciting aspects of the game not yet explored.

There are several more additions that you can look out for as you play through the WOW: Burning Crusade. New achievements and rewards are added as the game gets more polished, allowing players to feel like they've mastered a new frontier as they trek their way through the game's many regions. For example, one of the final achievements you can obtain is the ability to purchase a flying mount. This would be an easy feat to complete if you knew where to go or had some friends to help you out, but without those two things, you would have to do it all on your own. Now, you can have it all with the right leveling guide.