Have you ever invested in Cryptocurrency? Just remember the time when you came under the influence of cryptocurrency. When you were trying to cope with the strategies that are important for having a stable and understandable profit. Here in this blog, we will cover all the thick and thin essential steps that are required in the criteria of Cryptocurrency. Blockchain, Crypto exchanges are the two most important supporting pillars of cryptocurrency.

By elaborating on this topic, let's have a flashback of cryptocurrency and its both hands in a very quick round.

Initially, cryptocurrency stepped into this world in the year 2009. Along with it, blockchain technology and its decentralized nature have attracted people that made them try their hand in such a new era of investment. This process was created by Satoshi Nakamoto.

It worked in a systematic way, just like stairs, you can’t skip a single stair to lead to the next one. In the further paragraphs, we will go through all the steps that can be understandable even to the beginner. So, let's jump on the very first step of this topic.

Any time a country transitioned to a fiat currency, it collapsed. That’s just world history; you don’t have to know about cryptocurrency to know that.   – Nipsey Hussle

Why are crypto exchanges required?

Which crypto exchange do you rely upon the most? It is just a question but has a great meaning in itself. Here an important question arises: not every country has access to the crypto exchanges, so it is advised to check for the accessibility of the country you are living in. Moreover,  each crypto exchange offers different security methods. So better to choose specifically. Now with each step, we are preceding the main topic,  it gets more interesting. 

Now let's turn to the next page and understand the need for crypto exchange.

Crypto exchange is a platform through which you can buy and sell cryptocurrency quickly. It is also used to convert the different currencies into another currency.

There’s no one crypto exchange that’s best for every user,   -says Tyrone Ross

It is essential to choose such an exchange that helps you as an advisor and marks your goals. There are tiny things that are also important to be in the exchange which we will discuss in the further paragraphs.

(1) Matter of Security in Crypto exchange

It is stated that not all the crypto exchanges provide the security such as BANKs provide. So, it would be better to have all the required information at the very start of the crypto exchange. As your hard-on money is at stake. At this point , an investor should have thought all-rounder. Here my point is that online hacking alerts that every crypto exchange faces sometimes. So, it is better to have an overall lookup while choosing a crypto exchange.

(2) Reason for trading through Crypto exchange

It is required to trade through a specific good and verified crypto exchange. Because some crypto exchanges offer security insurance, in case your account gets hacked. This option is quite satisfying as investors can have the backup for securing your investment.

Cryptocurrency exchanges can be costly and time-consuming because they require the purchase of expensive equipment and extensive training, as well as high levels of accuracy in keeping track of your transactions. Sometimes, these exchanges are even not an option at all, or if they are, you may be charged a steep transaction fee for making any sort of buy or sell order.

(3) Stay conscious

A thought that must have struck your mind is to buy cryptocurrency through a crypto exchange but be alert about your choice of yours because there are more chances that it got hacked, and would have a chance to face theft. So, be specific while choosing a crypto exchange. On the other hand, in case your account gets hacked, a reputed and verified exchange can recover all the loss and detect the hacking system. Is it amazing?. Yes, it is. So, before using your hard earned money, be conscious of which platform you are using to invest in.

(4) Brief research is Required

Don't rely upon someone's recommendation about choosing cryptocurrency. They may be their investor a few times. Connect with such people who are well experienced in this matter. Among them, try to inquire about the existence of the crypto exchange through different investors. More than that, put an eye over the rules and regulations of the exchange whether they are professionally structured or not.

(5)Crypto exchange is a better option rather than a Crypto App

Cryptocurrency has influenced many people, and because of its impact and profit. People are swiftly moving to try their hand in this huge world. But at this point, they made a sensitive mistake choosing one of the crypto apps as there are many crypto apps that are trending these days but in that there is a huge risk of theft and hacking.

Why Do Investors like the Criteria of decentralized cryptocurrency?

In cryptocurrency, people most liked this platform because it is an independent platform that is not monitored by any kind of centralized authority which is called DECENTRALIZED cryptocurrency.

It is a great platform that acquired great benefits. Most investors feel great to invest in such a platform. The combination of decentralized and Blockchain creates many advantages that take your investment to the next level if it is monitored in an accurate way. Further, we will discuss both the terms in a brief way. Let's elaborate on this topic:-

Centralized Cryptocurrency

We are here to discuss the DEX but before getting into this all that is needed is to first understand the meaning of Centralized cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency has always been monitored by the government and there are many rules and regulations. 

There are a lot of exchanges you can use, but they all have one thing in common: they are centralized. For example, if you deposit cryptocurrency onto an exchange, your cryptocurrency is actually being sent to the exchange’s wallet that is held by the exchange itself. If you deposit fiat currency – whether it be USD or INR for example – and want to buy cryptocurrency with it, your money does not belong to you until the moment when you decide to withdraw the crypto back into your bank account. 

I am very excited about the prospect of using cryptocurrency, not just as a money equivalent, but using it as a way to earn something as a result of doing some type of work.   – William Mougayar

Decentralized cryptocurrency

Decentralized exchanges (DEX) are like a haven for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. These platforms allow users to trade both cryptocurrency and fiat money without having a middleman, which is great given the fact that most centralized exchanges have one of these products missing leaving room for mistakes. Investors liked the decentralized concept as no tax has been cut in any condition which seems to have the profit of most of their investment.

In this category we will cover all the vital parts of the crypto exchange just as written below:- 

Fees for the Crypto Exchange

Increased competition may lead to a decrease in product sales, but an increase in product demand. The number of goods and services consumers can choose from will increase consumer power.

A decrease in the product price or the introduction of new products by competitors could lower profits for a company. However, prices are not likely to rise because companies have more say on pricing when companies compete for consumer demands. The standardization of fee rates based on investor and seller competition can cause prices to be lowered as time goes along.

Selection of Crypto

The number of payment methods you can use to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on your exchange of choice will vary. For example, Coinmama has a fairly limited number of choices, which may be ideal for a beginner who is just looking to get started with fewer choices or uncertainty. 

Availability of Crypto

According to the rules and regulations of crypto exchange, it is stated that you should always check over the availability of the crypto exchange in your current city. Because it may vary. On the other hand, if you are using the international crypto exchange things may be wary. Their rules are according to them.

Top Crypto Exchanges of 2022

There are many crypto exchanges that are booming all over the world. We will get through each of them.

It’s money 2.0, a huge, huge, huge deal.” – Chamath Palihapitiya, venture capitalist


Coinbase offers cryptocurrency exchanges and is the most popular platform in America. This is a great platform from which you can buy different kinds of coins and tokens. Moreover, there are also chances to earn token rewards.


Voyager is an up-and-coming competitor for Coinbase because it offers a diverse range of services like Coinbase but with different coins offered on the exchange.


BlockFi is a cryptocurrency funding platform that lets you lend and earn hobbies to your holdings. Additionally, as opposed to selling your coins and tokens, you may borrow in opposition to your holdings.

(4) Uphold 

It is known for an easy plan to buy many coins. After opening an account, investors have an option to trade 2 assets not using the cash. You can earn lots of tokens and cash in pairs when this happens. But on Uphold, you could alternate a couple of belongings directly.

(5) Kraken

It is one of the best cryptos in the matter of selling and buying. Just select trending coins and tokens to exchange. Rather than that, they have the option of margin trading. But, it is an actual trade, and no longer as smooth to use as a number of the pinnacle structures on this listing. 

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Process of Buying and Trading of Crypto Exchange

Every step that needs to be taken to buy crypto with the money, just connect the bank account with the crypto exchange account. Moreover, there is also a chance of connecting debit and credit cards. Some platforms may even allow crypto-to-crypto trades. In crypto, you have to follow some rules. Here we will cover all those points in a brief way.

(1) Create a Verified Account

Starting with easy steps all you need to do is sign up to open an account.  For buying cryptocurrency, all you have to do is prove your identity through simple KYC. It is the essential step if you want to ignore fraud.

(2) Storage Method of Crypto

It is concluded that Crypto has not been supported by the federal authorities. So, there is a bright chance of getting theft and other problems. To ignore such actions all that is needed is the same place where you can keep your money safe.

For that crypto exchange has created the wallet system which should also be monitored by the rules and regulations. This crypto exchange is code-based, sometimes a user can lose the codes which can be a great tragedy, which bitcoin has already faced.

Here One thing you need to consider is if you are buying the cryptocurrency via a broker then there is no guarantee for the safety and if you buy it from an exchange, there are many chances to be a protected saving. There are kinds of wallets that are used to save money on crypto.

(3) Hot Wallet of Crypto Exchange

These kinds of  Hot crypto wallets are usually stored online and are monitored on internet-connected devices. These devices are tablets, phones, and computers. It is said that these wallets are convenient. But in this matter, there is a considerable risk of loss, it is estimated because it has a straight connection to the internet.

(4) Cold Wallet of Crypto Exchange

Cold wallets are designed in a huge safest way as they stay offline. They are not connected directly to the internet.  In this category, data can be transferred from USB-like devices. It is important to note that it is not connected to the internet but there are chances of getting stolen.  For reliable results always take care of keycodes that are generated while you get the cryptos. If you lose it or the device you all have, this may never be recovered again.

If you're storing large amounts of crypto, there's no doubt about needing an external cold wallet. It may not come with a wallet that houses your crypto holdings, but some exchanges have you covered. That is the easiest and safest way to keep your crypto in wallets.

(5) Benefits of Crypto Exchange

In the crypto exchange, they offer some rewards to the investors who have a long presence and already earned much profit. It is according to 10% of the existing coins. These kinds of things are not present in the centralized crypto exchange.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Some tips to make the most of it

Getting in contact with customer service can be a hassle, but if anything goes wrong you'll really need it. The best exchanges have the highest quality customer service which can make your experience much better. For easy services, investors can also use bank accounts, debit, and credit cards. While you buy some coins through a safe crypto exchange with the help of credit cards, all you have to do is just connect it to the account you have in the crypto exchange.


In the world of cryptocurrency, Crypto exchange has a unique place in the matter of keeping secure cryptocurrency for investors. There are plenty of rules and regulations in the crypto exchange that are essential for the better outcome of your invested money. Moreover, there are more than 100 crypto exchanges, from which few are trustable.