Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that lets one exchange goods or services like conventional currency or fiat currency. However, unlike fiat currency, cryptocurrency is not under the control of central bodies meaning no central entity controls its issue.

The first-ever cryptocurrency is Bitcoin , which marked its debut in 2008 by someone with a concealed identity named Satoshi Nakamoto. Since then, it has emerged massively and now has the potential to replace fiat currency. Why? The plethora of advantages crypto trading has is unbeatable.

I see Bitcoin as ultimately becoming a reserve currency for banks, playing much the same role as gold did in the early days of banking. Banks could issue digital cash with greater anonymity and lighter weight, more efficient transactions.

- Hal Finney

The  bitcoin trading market  has surged massively over the past few years. If reports have to be believed, it is projected to reach $ 4.94 billion by 2030, from what was valued at $ 1.49 billion in 2020. Let's say digital asset trading is ready to witness a big boom.

Today, there are around more than 7000 cryptocurrencies, and it is only growing bigger. 

Before we further understand crypto trading , you should know the difference between crypto trading and crypto investing.

Difference Between Crypto Trading & Crypto Investing 

The end goal of any investment is seeking profits. The underlying difference between crypto trading and crypto investing is the expected outcome times differ widely. 

Meaning in crypto investing, investment outcomes range from medium term to long term. Crypto investors hold on to their money for a longer time, from a few years to even months.

While in  Crypto trading , it is between medium to short term. And the crypto traders halt their money for a short-term period, from a few seconds to even a few weeks.

What Is Cryptocurrency Trading?

Going by the books, Cryptocurrency Trading is an act of speculating cryptocurrency price movements through a CFD trading account or buying and selling the underlying coins via an exchange. In this, CFD trading acts as a derivative that lets you put betting on Bitcoin price changes without actually holding the possession of underlying currencies.

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For instance, you can bet for the long term (buy) if you think the value of crypto is boosting or go short term (sell) if the value is falling. Both works as a leveraged instrument, and for that, all you need is a minimal deposit, famously known as margin.

Quick Tip:  Before jumping on the crypto-trading bandwagon, one should be deeply acquainted with the assets and technologies involved. Crypto trading is not rocket science, but it needs a handful of knowledge to get started.

How to Start Crypto Trading For Beginners?

As a beginner to start trading, the steps are:

  • Pick A Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Exchange
  • Create your account 
  • Fund Your Crypto
  • Pick A Crypto To Invest in
  • Start Trading

Remember, different crypto traders have different needs and goals. To start with, figure out your objectives and needs at present and explore the ideal crypto trading platform from the many on the internet. Selecting a crypto trading platform can be critical to ease your crypto trading journey. Hence, look for security, ease of use, and the number of assets your chosen crypto trading platform supports.

Once the platform has been jotted down, next is creating your account. Most platforms offer a registration form that you need to fill with the email address, a strong password, and click register. Then you need to verify your account concerning the asked email sent to your registered email account.


Once the account is registered, you can start by depositing the initial capital through bank transfer, credit / debit cards, etc, and start crypto trading . You are now on your journey of crypto trading to unlock many profits.

Though the complete process mentioned above may sound simple, it has its strings of complexities. Many crucial factors play a vital role in determining your success as a crypto trader. Crypto trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is a well-thought process of learning and trading to grow your assets and capital .

Read below to understand the secret sauce of some crypto trading strategies that work wonders.

Tips To Ace Crypto Trading 

Before starting your new chapter of cryptocurrency trading , it is pivotal to grasp as much subject knowledge as possible. It helps you from falling into trouble. Also, it works great knowing associated risks and the laws that may apply based on one's jurisdiction and decisions. Let's have some basic concepts answered 

1. Research Deeply

The Crypto market is a reasonably new market with many terms still unknown. Therefore, newcomers should have sharp literacy of crypto assets to navigate the market safely. It also benefits your growing trading portfolio if you are acquainted with knowledge. 

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Your research should inculcate  which crypto is trending and falling, crypto exchanges, trading platforms, and various cryptocurrencies in the market. It is a diverse market and hence choose wisely what works and what doesn't. Once you have garnered plenty of information, you can move forward and start trading. 

2. Practice Crypto Trading  

Where to practice crypto trading? It is one of the most common questions raised by fellow beginners. And the answer is there is a vast range of dummy accounts online for different coins where you can start practicing. It leverages knowing the ins-outs of how the actual market works.

The crypto trading market is huge and comes with various trading protocols. Hence, understanding the market from your point of view is essential to go ahead. Therefore, pick what works best to understand the market deeply.

3. Pick One Crypto And Start Trading 

Amidst 7000+ cryptocurrencies circulating every day, it gets complex to pick one if you are a beginner. Start with choosing a crypto coin based on its performance and longevity in the market . After all, you want a currency to trade that offers reasonable returns in the near market, hence do not look for initial coin offerings (ICOs) . Their success rate and legitimacy may not be known.

4. Investment Diversification 

It is essential to diversify your investment to reap the benefits of your assets for the longest term. You have heard it all the while, "do not put all your eggs in one basket," and it can't be any more true than in the trading/investment field. Investing in digital assets seems profitable, but the chances of a loss also tag along. You can diversify across several altcoins to minimize losses if any crypto falls.

5. Don't Put All Your Savings At Risk

Your savings are precious. Like any other financial asset, crypto trading comes with losses and wins. Invest the sums of money you can afford to lose. Putting all your savings into cryptocurrency trading is nothing short of a gamble. Therefore, use your trading instincts wisely and segregate your trading capital aside to trade without worries.

It is crucial to note that several factors affect trading. There are possible government interference, global scenarios, hacks, or malware attempts because the market is volatile and rapidly changes.

6. Avoid Fear of Missing Out

Trading in cryptocurrency has become a trend lately. The wide crypto craze has almost fascinated everyone to come forward and start investing or trading. There is trading in crypto called day trading. In day trading, the term called FOMO works as the fastest way to lose money. Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a trading scenario when you take an emotional decision in haste and out of fear. Trading should be completely avoided when feeling pressured. 

7. Keep Updated with Crypto News

To survive in the crypto market, sharpening your knowledge about crypto news is prime. The market is transitioning at lightning speed, and therefore, practice staying updated with crypto news. Know the best crypto trading apps, the crypto trading hours, and benefit from the market happenings. 

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, And Linkedin help keep you updated with the trends and what's hot in the crypto market. 

8. Learn From Mistakes 

Mistakes are a part and parcel of learning. If crypto trading may give a few losses initially, learn from them as it is the best learning no practice can offer. Crypto trading takes continuous training, skills, and discipline. Don't forget even the experts and professional traders lose up in pursuit of wins. Learn from losses and mistakes to compensate for a huge success.

Is Trading Crypto Risky?

Like any other trading, crypto has its risks, considering how volatile the virtual currency is. But risk management is a vital component of trading. Before entering into the crypto world, it is quintessential to evaluate how much you are ready to lose? It is primarily based deepening on the initial capital you are putting in. 

Trading is risky in itself. Setting the market predictability with certainty is entirely impossible for any expert. It predominantly works on calling some tough decisions, some self-made choices, and prejudice to sustain in the market and call it a triumph. The crypto trading strategies also differ from person to person. It depends on the preferences, personality, risk tolerance, capital for trading, and more. 

Therefore, crypto trading is a personal choice that comes with the significant responsibility to be accountable for your money.


The bottom line is success in crypto trading is only possible if you are handy with a strategy and well acquainted with the market knowledge. A plan backed by research for when to enter the market and when to make well-laid exits is winning for most traders. But let's not forget, what may work for someone, may not work for you as the course of actions and traits differ. 

Crypto trading is a booming trend and as predicted it is nowhere to go. So, put your actions in place and invest in coins studying them deeply and their past behaviors before trading. Crypto trading market is volatile, so be prepared for the risks along.