Buying NFT is one of the latest fashions of the moment, but it has proved to be a great fortune for many speculators.

Whether they are the creators or just those who bought the first pieces of a collection that has taken off, dramatically increasing its value, the benefits have been there.

All NFT enthusiasts know the platform Opensea by now, but it is not the only digital trading center, there are also Magic Eden and Rarible which are increasingly proving successful.

But how can we find an NFT capable of earning us a fortune over time?

This is one of those questions that investors in the sector ask themselves every morning and that newbies should start asking themselves too if they want to make the capital spent on the purchase of non-fungible tokens pay off.

On the other hand, large companies are already doing and it would be better to enter the market in an ascending phase rather than waiting for the giants to grab the opportunities just for them.

Do you want to beat these giants on time? Here are some tips that will help you a lot!

NFT volume and price, here's what to consider first

This is the first advice that experts always provide to those who ask which tokens to bet on.

The price and quantity of exchanges that take place for a given NFT collection is essential!

Of course, the so-called "blue chips", that is those projects that start at relatively affordable prices, are more attractive because they usually perform better in the long run, but keep an eye on the volume of trades.

Better to research projects with the lowest price but with large trading volumes.

Large community supporting an NFT and great website

If you want to reduce the risk of only following the fraudulent plan of a famous person, there is a way.

We must not rely only on one person, but on a large community of people talking about NFT, which brings well informed news on a daily basis.

Remember, in fact, that a successful project has behind it a kind of passionate fans who aim to make it great and do it their own, also transporting the style of a digital token into everyday life.

Having many interested experts or speculators behind it adds value to an NFT, making it much more attractive and away from scams and sudden losses in value.

Make sure that they are not bots or AI that simulate conversations with simple searches and observe the presence of the token even among social networks, observe how those who have chosen it before you move and try to understand if the community is solid and large enough to warrant potential value growth.

Rare NFTs? Obviously the most wanted

This might be tip number one and it wouldn't be very strange either.

When we are looking for an NFT to buy for which we expect significant growth, we can only aim for those distributed in a few copies or even in a single edition.

Their value, if obviously collectors consider them deserving and exclusive, can just grow up.

Each digital token offers the purchaser specific advantages, sometimes making him or her become a member of a very prestigious class of individuals who possess the certificate of ownership, therefore there are many more benefits in a single example, the fewer pieces available.

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Which blockchain do the NFTs we want to buy advantageous

One last piece of advice that experts often do not fail to give is to analyze the blockchain on which the NFTs of our interest are based.

Most of the digital projects that have proven to be successful have been supported by the Ethereum network which today is the most used by NFT marketplaces.

Not for nothing Opensea, the number one platform in the trading of non-fungible tokens, is supported by the Ethereum blockchain:

Of course, others compete today with the older network of smart contracts, like Solana and Avalanche, but always be careful to which one has the most traffic.